Edinburgh’s Cemeteries Photo Edit


Gothicism is this style that have always had a special place in my heart. A natural attraction to gloomy settings and dark themes that has been in me since I can remember. Gothic literature, architecture and music are the not-so-guilty pleasures of my life. Obviously, this includes cemeteries.  Luckily the UK is very rich in this matter. So in my trip to Edinburgh, I ended up (sometimes incidentally) in a cemetery. And with a medieval background, I had loads of material for some good photographs.

Here’s my Edinburgh’s Cemetery Edit. Most photos were taken in Greyfriars Kirk, we also visited Old Calton Burial Ground, Canongate Kirk and finally New Calton’s Burial Ground.

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A Outlander in the Highlands

Ballachulish, Glencoe


From time to time I find myself struggling to deal with the different callings I feel coming from my mind and heart. One of the things I find hard to deal with is my intense need to live in the middle of chaos, almost as if attracted to it, opposed to my eagerness to emerge myself in the wilderness, to listen to the sound of nature, and be smashed by the power of views on which no human hand had a part to play, views that make tears come to my eyes, views that make me feel small and understand how irrelevant we are, mere humans, mere dust in the universe. How insignificant. How little.

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Edinburgh, the one I fell in love with

View to Edinburgh from Calton Hill

I arrived yesterday from Edinburgh, and yet it seems like a dream. Looking back, it looks like I wasn’t there yesterday or last weekend, but in a faraway past. Perhaps because going to Edinburgh was much more than traveling in space; it was traveling in time. I’d say it was precisely this: a trip to the Past, a magical trick that took me to a different era.

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