A relaxing time in Benidorm, Spain


I have mentioned before that I live thorn between land and sea. I grew up relatively near the ocean, and Summer always meant endless time at the beach: as a child building castles and running in the sand, jumping around in salty puddles and jumping amongst small waves when the ocean allowed it; as a teenager making sure I was getting the best tan, but also investing in some sort of amateur bodyboarding because it looked cool; and finally, as an adult, both sunbathing, diving and swimming in the ocean when it allowed and having great walks until sunset.

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Yes, it is time to dream about the beach

Paredes da Vitória Beach, Portugal

Am I the only one dreaming with Summer holidays? Being originally from Portugal, I  was lucky enough to grow up by the seaside. In those happy sunny days, Summer only meant a single thing: the beach. This is exactly what I miss the most in London. I am a spoiled Summer child, what can I say?

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The one I couldn’t resist to

Pimkie Bikini
Hat: Primark Sunglasses: ZARA

You know when you are browsing the sales section in a store, hoping to find that one piece that is an exquisite buy, such a beautiful thing, with such low price… well, that is basically the story behind this bikini. I was at Pimkie, browsing the last summer sales, where there were some bikini parts. I didn’t really need a new one, but then I saw this set and I was absolutely in love. I noticed that there wasn’t the sales tag. However, since it was in the same pile, I just thought they have forgotten to put it. “Let’s try it on”, I thought, secretly hoping that it wouldn’t fit. But it DID! And I loved it… so I asked the store assistant for the price. “Is it on sale?”, and she answered me with a cold smile “NO”.

That “no” wasn’t enough to stop me. I just fell in love with the bikini and you just can’t say no to love, am I right? 😉

It is cute, I love the colors and it is extremely comfortable for a day at the beach. When I spend hours in the sun, I like to bring with me a book, magazines and my music. As a fashio lover I couldn’t forget the Portuguese Vogue September issue. However, as the inner nerd that I am, I also had my copy of Game of Thrones saga to transport me to other reigns 🙂

Highlights on the Berlin Wall – East Side Gallery

One of the things I was more excited to visit in Berlin was the East Side Gallery. I had heard about the street art in the city and my expectations regarding this particular gallery were high. I love the idea of artists from around the world coming together to turn something with such a negative meaning into something completely new and worthy of admiration.

However, I was shocked by the vandalism in the walls when I got there. What about a little respect? The East Side Gallery is a landmark for many reasons… and it was painted by talented artists, so people could recall the History and also aim for better times, more colorful ones, expecting nations united, peace and freedom. Maybe the concept of freedom is still misunderstood by too many people. They never felt on their skin what is to live in repression, not being able to express their true feelings, their beliefs, their ideas… not being allowed to be with whom we want to be, to read what you want to read, to produce any piece of art without restriction. I don’t know what that is either. I am lucky enough for that.

There is no freedom if we destroy the work done by others with passion and talent. If we want to express our art there are other ways to do it. Vandalism in no art at all. Moreover, these people who insist on damaging the east side gallery, are also preventing me and so many other people to admire the work done by amazing artists who actually deserve to be celebrated and not being overshadowed by meaningless risks and drawings made by idiotic people who probably have nothing better to do that being stupid.

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