Lights, at Tate Britain


When everything goes wrong, one needs to find a way of crawling back from darkness before all light runs out. Before falling into madness, or surely just give up on life, on believing. I tend to say sometimes the devil comes back. These little demons inside our heads… who doesn’t have them? Who are the lucky ones with no little demons inhabiting their brain cells?

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The Art of Florence – the details

Florence is where all the big masters were at some point, creating some of the most disrupting pieces that would mark an Era and change the paradigms of a world once emerged in darkness. For me, stepping on the grounds where the great master had once been was surreal. As I mentioned on my previous Florence post, I traveled in time, I smelled the wet and dirty medieval streets, and imagined I was living at the same time as Lorenzo de Medici, Il Magnifico, the great patron of Arts.

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Reality as our very own Illusion


Going to a Kusama’s exhibition is an experience in which many are eager to participate in, and I wasn’t an exception. More than experience the mirrored rooms, it also means queuing for hours to get a few seconds inside these famous rooms.

I waited for one hour and half. I starved a bit because stupidly I forgot to take some snacks with me, and even water. It was a hot day in London. And because I was on my own, I basically got tired of scrolling in all my social media applications (believe me, nothing new/interesting happens before 1 PM, specially if you keep opening your apps again and again).

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