Lights, at Tate Britain


When everything goes wrong, one needs to find a way of crawling back from darkness before all light runs out. Before falling into madness, or surely just give up on life, on believing. I tend to say sometimes the devil comes back. These little demons inside our heads… who doesn’t have them? Who are the lucky ones with no little demons inhabiting their brain cells?

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When getting lost is good


Yesterday was a lovely Saturday. For the first time in a long time, it was weekend and it was sunny in London. Staying at home would be a crime, and when you live for so long in a city where most days are greyish, when the sun does comes out you value it more than ever.

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Living in a fantasy world at the House of Minalima

One grows old, one matures into an adult, leaving behing the years of childhood and allowance to believe in the unreal. However, some of us adults refuse to let all those dreams and fantasies go away. Perhaps because of the meaning they had at some point in our life, we keep and we treasure it forever. Or may be, precisely because we are now all adults living and adult life, where a job, rent, making a way of living is the burden that we carry, fantasy is needed more than ever to not fall into insanity.

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One Year In London


I am celebrating this week one year in London. When I first came to London merely as a tourist I remember thinking and even commenting with my parents and friends “when I live there, bla bla bla”, as some sort of impossible reality that could only exist in my head. I wanted to, but deep down I knew how difficult this could turn out to be real.

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A 6 Month Milestone


They say that dragonflies live for only one day. Imagine what it would be to live for one day. Every hour would be like a birthday. Every meal would be well appreciated. Every single laugh would be a real one. Every single person you’d meet in the way would probably become a dear friend. You wouldn’t waste your time being depressed or unhappy. You would treasure every moment, as a big milestone in your day (life).

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A Moment


London can be quite overwhelming. I’ve been living here for almost 4 months now and, boy, it has been intense. I find myself already complaining about public transports, about the weather, about people who don’t walk fast enough in the streets and get in my way, about the lady that is making the bus run late because she didn’t have the oyster card ready… and yet I am completely in love with the city.

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If there is something that I always have to have in “my closet” that “something” is multiculturalism. Since my earlier years I’ve found the cultural diversity fascinating, one of the things that make this world a bit more interesting. Cultures allows us to learn such a big amount of different things, enriching our minds and giving us new perspectives, in some way, it provides us with an open mind, with the great ability to understand things even when they are completely out of our own “realities” and “truths”. Continue reading “#WhyILoveLondon”

Christmas arrived to London



Yes, Christmas arrived to London last Sunday when Kylie Minogue press the button and switched on the Christmas lights in one of the most famous streets in the world: Oxford Street. And, of course, my inner Christmas lover couldn’t miss the event. The Christmas spirit was there, with hundreds of people filling the large street, and it was only the 1st of November… Despite being a Christmas lover, I find this too early, even for me. However, I want to enjoy my first Christmas in London, and to live as many christmassy british experiences as I can 🙂 Here is a pic of Oxford Street with Christmas lights. For sure I will be posting much more in the next weeks!

Christmas is cooooming!

With love,