Balenciaga, (un) Shaping Fashion

tempimageforsave-7Cristóbal Balenciaga left its mark in Fashion and, as a result, in all of our wardrobes. To celebrate the called “fashion’s modernist master”, the brilliant V&A Museum has mounted an exhibition in its honor.

Even though he doesn’t stand on top of my personal favourites, I do appreciate the way he redesigned and revolutionised the woman’s shape, with the famous “sack dress”, at the time a shock for the conservative minds. To feel sexy or even elegant, a woman didn’t have to be fitted into tight clothing. And I am on the side of anyone calling for freedom of movement.

Couldn’t pass the opportunity of going to see with my own eyes some of his most iconic creations. While I was strolling around, couldn’t help myself noticing the influences in the fast fashion we consume today.

Below some pics on my favourites. I personally adored the black lollita type dress, as it would definitely fit in my wardrobe. I always admire beautifully handcrafted corsets and gowns, even if I would never wear them. The draped overcoat is definitely the dream of  the effortlessly elegant.



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