Early Spring Inspiration

Spring is not yet here, but shops are full of new awesome collections that almost make my heart ache. My inbox is full of irresistible newsletters and my Instagram feed full of amazing fashion editorials. And even though it’s the season of color that’s coming, I am still faithful to my greyish, neutral wardrobe. These are my fashion crushes at the moment:

Trends Spring 2017.001.jpeg

My passion for boots lasts throughout the 4 seasons. I really love the western buckle ankle boots and the new trend of boots with no ankle. They must look amazing with some fishnet stockings. I saw this pair on Topshop the other day and needed to stop myself from trying them on (that’s the first step to actually buy them). The very cool Feminist jumper, which, despite reflecting myself, looks so comfortable and classy. I am not sure how I feel about seeing feminism reflected in Fashion as if it’s something that is now cool and needs advertisment though, but this is a topic Iยดll save for tomorrow’s post.

In contrast with the boot vibe, I have this gorgeous pair of golden ballerinas, which are so princess like, but that I am completely in love with. They would look amazing with either a pair of casual jeans or with an evening dress. I am also crushing on the corset trend. I’ve always love them, and anything with cords give a mysticism to any piece of clothing. This corset belt gives an original spin to any look, and it transports us to victorian times at the same time. Both these items are from Zara’s new collection.

Which are your current early Spring fashion crushes? ๐Ÿ˜‰






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