To all the women in the world

No matter skin color, the language you speak, the God you worship. We are women and women are humans. With that in mind we deserve to be treated as such.

We have come a long way. I remember as a child having everything as granted. As if it all had been already conquered by great women in the past. Soon I realised how wrong I was. Perhaps I was slightly privileged for being born in a society where woman are recognised as humans with the right to vote, to work, to go alone in the street without the presence of a man. I went to school when I was supposed to, learnt to read and count without any restriction. But I was also wrong, since even within my own culture, my own house even, woman were seen not only by men, but also by themselves as inferior, weaker, delegated to the domestic shores and to perceive their future as a wife. Most of all a pretty, smiley face in a woman was more valuable than a smart, bookish one.

But soon I stood up and said no to this. Fought my own father numerous times, being called out for being bossy and stubborn, when all I wanted was to expose a fact, discuss an idea. I have been showing to my own mother how I was able to move to another country alone, how I travel alone, how I am building a career around myself, making my dreams come true, without the protection of a man. I am showing that as a woman I am feminine, but also strong, resilient, intelligent, but most of all a fighter. I do not stay motionless hoping for the bloody prince charming to come to take me away from misery.

In a simple sentence, I am no less than a man.

And I have found the prejudice in every single step of my way here. I have been judge for another woman for being single, and alone, as if I was some sort of sad abandoned animal nobody wanted. I have been told off for travelling alone. I have been judged for being too serious or having the so-called bitch face just because I don’t smile all the time, I do not agree with everything all the time, as society expects a woman to do.

Do not wish for children or a happy marriage does not make me unnatural as I have been called. It makes me a human with the power of choice, precisely what distinguishes us from other animals.

Society might say that I am more like a man. I say, no, I am a human being, born a woman, but still a human being. Behavioral handbooks of how a woman is suppose to be, to act, what sort of places to go, what sort of careers to choose, how to get dress or even the slightest detail of how to pull her hair need to disappear, as much as the instructions for the manly man should never have existed.

And for all of this, think about the knowledge that has been lost because from early years women have been denied to study, to be educated, to have access to the same opportunities as men. Think about the great scientists, engineers, artists, and so on that were and still are lost. And think about the black, the muslim woman. Think about how much is there still to be conquered. And now look at today’s reality. See how easily a man such as Donald Trump became president of the United States. Think about those who still speak publicly about women being weaker, less intelligent. Think about those as Emma Watson trying to fight for feminism, for something as beneficial such as gender equality, and being judged and accused of hypocrisy either because she’s showing her tits, or just because she’s not addressing other relevant issues. How easily women are judged even when they fight for the good. How easily they are scrutinised, as if we were trying to destroy the minority that still strives for good.

This fight is not over yet.

Happy International Women’s Day!


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