It smells like Spring: Off-the-Shoulder Trend

This weekend the sun has come out and temperatures have finally increased a bit in London. It does smell like Spring, and nothing could work better as a mood booster. Aren’t we all tired of thick jumpers and heavy coats, wool and hairy scarves? The time of showing some skin has arrived, ladies and gentlemen. And I just love the comeback of the off-the-shoulder trend.


The first image coming to your mind when you think about off-the-shoulder trend is immediately summer, music festival with a hippie vibe. But off-the-shoulder is not only about that. The trend has become an unique element for dresses, jumpsuits, jumpers, even shirts, that can give you that formal look you can still use in the office. You can have it with patterns, flowerish style, stripes, plain… it is definitely adaptable to any style and any situation. Undoubtedly one essential piece in your wardrobe this season!

Share your thoughts about this trend 🙂

With love,



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