What I loved about LFW


What I loved about this London Fashion Week? Mostly Alexander Mcqueen (what a surprise…).

Alexander McQueen – the women that walks at night with dreamy eyes and it is not afraid of it

So hard to select my favourite pieces. I just love everything in this collection. Alexander McQueen is and it always will be one of my favourite designer brands and each show just conquers me a bit more. In this collection I could think about Alice in Wonderland and at the same time Marie Antoinette. I could think of rock and roll and ballet. What not to love about this?


Ashish – Just so Fun!

This is such a fun collection, so colorful and party style! It transports us back to the 60’s, to the afro hair glamour in a classical way. The shining fabrics, the live colours might not be my usual style, but I must say I loved the collection and the way the show was setted up.


Burberry – the intemporal

Burberry’s collection is classical and intemporal. T-shirt style dresses and military coats that promise us comfort and style.


Topshop Unique – we just want everything

I am drawn to Topshop every single time I am nearby of any shop. It is a bit too expensive for my wallet, yet not completely out of my budget (mostly on sales). Topshop just seems to have the pieces that any other affordable shop actually have or imitates and yet the quality does not seem to pay off. Yet, the heart wants what the heart wants. And I loved this collection, in particular the coats and the fur details.


These are my highlights from London Fashion Week. What did you like the most?

Milan Fashion Week is now on, and I am already picking my favourites 😉

Enjoy your weekend!

With love,



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