About NY Fashion Week


NY Fashion Week has come to an end, and London Fashion Week just started. As I wrote in my post How not to be a fashion outsider, I tried to follow the shows of my favourite designers, and maybe to discover new favourites. Unfortunately I had such a busy week at work that when I arrived home all I wanted was to get in bed, with a nice warm cup of tea, with my eyes either closed or on something else besides a laptop screen.

However, because I clearly have a fashion addiction, I did try to keep track at least of the main shows, and today I had the time and patience to collect my favourite bits of last week (that I haven’t posted in my last post).

Marc Jacobs – Going Goth

His collection surprised me with contradictory feelings. I do like the goth atmosphere, the kind of fantasy element, the wired and strange are all over his collection. The participation of Lady Gaga is actually supportive of this view. Different, out of the mainstream. Together with the embroidery details, joined with leather and lace, Marc Jacobs brought to the runaway a dark side to which I am attracted to. What I don’t like so much is the excessive oversized element, both in clothing and in the boots.

Ralph Lauren – Going Classical

I loved this collection. It’s definitely not the collection that goes beyond what exists or beyond what is expected. But I feel sometimes that just to bring attention to them, designers tend to create often ridiculous or too eccentric pieces that any woman or man would actually wear. Ralph Laurent’s collection is classical, intemporal, elegant. It has the perfect autumnal tone. On the other hand, were are introduced to the world of the modern woman, with some strong masculine elements.


Marchesa – From another world 

The word that comes to my mind when I think of Marches is Fairytale. Then I think of true talent and creativity. I think of beautifully made dresses. The ones that every single woman would like to put on at least once in their lives. The detailed embroidery, the embodied luxury, are enough to make my jaw drop. In this collection I felt that both Victorian Era and the 20’s came together to create a modern collection for the modern woman.


Michael Kors – Keeping Modern & Sophisticated

Michael Kors gave us the modern and elegant woman. Fur elements are quite present in his collection, as well as the trench coat. Kors keeps on being an intemporal brand name, and, as Ralph Lauren, he never disappoints.


Hope you enjoyed my selection! I am going to keep an eye on London Fashion Week for the next 7 days 😉

With love,




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