NY Fashion Week: Personal Favs


Fashion week is here, and today is the only day I had some time to catch up on my favourite designers shows and share with you my three personal favourites until now.

  1. Tadashi Shoji: what I love in his creations is the fantasy element that is always there. Fantasy, magic, lightness, fluidity, delicacy, and an etherial beauty. I really love the new tribal element in his creations for next season.

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2. Yves Saint Laurent: I love everything about YLS collection. The fantasy element here is quite present, the collection take us to victorian times with strong modern elements: gold takes place as well a live red; the midi dress is just back, with large statement belts; men’s collection is just amazing with a marked military influence mixed with a dandy victorian style that I jus love. Each piece speak to us in its very own voice. Eccentricity is classy and elegant. This just made my weekend.

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3. Sophie Theallet: this is my new pick as favourite designer. Class and elegance are the two words coming to my mind when I look to this amazing collection. There is an element of old Hollywood, nostalgia, going back to the golden years. I love the cleavage shape, the embroidery elements, the fur, the gold, and specially I think the yellow dress matches perfectly with the beautiful dark skin of the model. Just brilliant.

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Which ones have been your favourites until now? I am so excited there is still more to come. I just feel so inspired looking to these shows. As you may have notice, I have a tendency to collections that somehow tell a story, with an element of fantasy inherent to them, with curious details that can actually speak for themselves.

What about you?

With love,


P.S. All photos have been collected from British Vogue.


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