Jeans Are Back, The Real Ones


As you may have already noticed the jeans as they first appeared in the world are coming back and I am really, really happy about it. Main reasons:

  1. Real Jeans are Real Denim. They will last forever and they will be your favourite pair. This happens because they are actually for any body type and will make anyone feel good, comfortable and look fabulous.
  2. Jeans are the closet essential. They look well with everything. Wear a pair of jeans with a white tee and your favourite trainers, and there´s a relaxed look. Wear them with a shirt, and get a smart casual. I could actually write a future post about this, hum… but you already know, right?
  3. The old jeans are jeans that make the real woman figure stand out. With “real” I mean the natural curves, waistline, chest and butt. If you´re not a skinny, skinny girl and have some curves, like I do, low waist trousers are not going to do much for us. I can´t even wear them. I only wear at least medium waist, but my favourite jeans and trousers have to be high waisted. They will mark your waist and, meanwhile, make your butt look fabulous.

So, the old kind of Levi´s jeans are back, which is awesome for all the reasons I listed above. I did chose some models from Redone in this set I created. They are inspiring because they recycle old jeans, creating fresh new ones. I also love the denim jackets, they have that rebel and relaxed spirit that remind me of USA and old golden days that I never lived.

Levi’s and Redone are actually amazing. However, I know the majority of us can’t afford a pair of their jeans, which is sad. The bright side is that, because they are a big new trend, similar models are going to be for sure in the fast fashion industry. But even better: try to look inside your mom’s old closet. She probably has a pair of real jeans, made of real denim. Why not transforme them, and be like Redone yourself? I know I am going to do it once I have the opportunity 😉

With love,



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