Skin Issues & Lush, a Life Savior


Since my teenage years I’ve been suffering from the evil that torments our skin, weakens our self-confidence and destroy any vestige of self-esteem: acne. I do believe that most of you can relate to this. If not, you´re one of the lucky ones I used to (and still) envy.

Still, I wasn’t that unlucky. My spots are basically located in my “T zone”, where my skin is more oily. But those red fat pimples are more than enough to make you feel incredibly self-conscious about your skin. I tried loads of things. Creams, exfoliators, moisturisers, cleansers… the list of products and brands (most of them publicising their products on TV as a miracle) is endless. Even when I started taking the contraceptive pill, that was not enough to stop it.

However, after my 20’s the problem seemed to be solved. I still had some spots once in while, but nothing that would keep awake at night. However, this Summer, after quitting my shitty job, being job hunting desperately, having to finish my Master and then moving to London, my skin started to get bad again. Probably stress was one of the factors that influenced the break out. However, no matter how many products I used my skin wasn’t getting any better. London weather wasn’t helping.  And now my problem was the chin.

And then, quite recently, probably in the New Years week, my housemate told me about Lush products. “Go there, speak to them, they have lovely staff, and they will tell you what’s best for you”. “Is it expensive?”, I asked straight away. I have spend too much money with products promising miracles and, specially with my tight budget in London, I could’t afford more expenses. “No, the products are quite affordable”. So I decided to give it a try.

I went to Lush and the smell inside the shop is just lovely. You can try everything. I decided to ask directly to one of the assistants for help. She was delightful. She told me which were the best products, the price, and explained to me not only how to use them but also why were they good for my skin, and what would they do for my acne. And what I really adore is that she didn’t make any pressure for me to buy anything. She educated me about what I needed to know, and then left me alone so I  could decide on my own where I would invest.

At this point I was already impressed. Not only by how the staff was trained, but also by the prices. And the best thing is that the products are all natural, ethical, with no animal testing!

So, for my troubled skin, I decided to invest in the charcoal soap to wash my face with every morning and evenings, and a fresh face mask made essentially with garlic.

Charcoal Soap (£5.95 per 100g)
Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask (£6.95)

I am not going to explain here how these ingredients can help you with your skin, because everything is so well explained in their website. And if you go to their stores I am sure they will give you all the information you need.

What I can tell you is that I am starting to see the results in my skin. Finally it looks healthier, less oily, and I am not waking up everyday with a new Everest mountain in my chin, which is a great improvement.I wouldn’t advise these products, If I didn’t believe in them 😉

From now on, I am going to keep Lush products in “my closet”!

Have you had problems with your skin as well? I´d love to hear your stories!

With love,



2 thoughts on “Skin Issues & Lush, a Life Savior

  1. I love Lush! I’m not a fan of their face products but I love their Intergalactic bathbomb 👌 Have you tried it? I also had Lush haul recently. You might want to check it out 😊


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