A Beautiful Movie, With Beautiful Message


Do you know when you watch a movie that you love dearly just because of all the beauty around the clothing, the scenarios, the rooms and the places where everything is filmed?

There are literally films that I only watch because of that.

However The Danish Girl is the kind of movie that I love not only because of the beauty surrounding everything in it, but also because of the strong message that it communicates, because of the deep emotional story, the amazingly written argument and the actor’s performances which were marvellous!

Movie review: ëThe Danish Girlí

It is worth to pay for a cinema ticket just to watch this movie. However, keep your tears in, because it is strong. And, above all, it is educative.It teach us about transgender, it tell us how genders don’t work as binary code. Anything is black and white, and our society needs to be educated to stop labelling humans, ’cause we cannot be labelled. This movie helps you to understand that, taking us to this humane journey inside what really is transgenderism.





Great advice: watch this movie 😉

With love,



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