Porto Gives A Romantic Light To Testino’s Camera Lenses

Portugal has the most beautiful places and sights, places where we can be transported to another times and even to fairytales. I was so glad to hear that Testino was working on a fashion photo shoot in Porto, Portugal, with famous Gigi Hadid, and anxious to see the result. Of course Testino photos are always amazing and inspiring. However these ones focus on Portuguese culture and landmarks and that is why I wanted to share some of the photos here (check the whole gallery in Vogue).


I really love the lace dress in the last shoot. I do also love the pic because it portraits a great contrast: the poor old man probably didn’t even know what was going on! He carries some fish nets, still used by the most traditional fishermen in Portugal. And then, by its side, only super beautiful Gigi Hadid, with a killer look.

The first picture is a great shot of the antique essence of the city. Porto is indeed a old city, with lots of old buildings. That is what makes it beautiful. I’ve been to Porto only two or three times, and I’d like to go there and explore the city as a tourist should do.

Other thing I find quite intriguing in these photos is that they are not only about posing and showing of this beautiful (and expensive) clothes. They do reflect the image of a happy couple, with a lovely city as a background. But mostly they are about movement, about dynamism, about energy.

Sometimes we need some inspiration, and this pictures are definitely inspiring, and in some way they do provide us the energy we still need at the end of a long work day 🙂


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