Vintage Watch and Big Plans

IMG_20151011_152408 IMG_20151011_152327_1

This past week I didn’t post as much as I’d like too. My mind has been so full of so different things related to planning the next chapter of my life, that it has been very difficult for me to focus. Two big things happened to me last week:

  1. I’ve done the presentation of my dissertation, and I have officially finished my Master in International Business, with a very good grade. It was one more academic achievement and, for now, the last. I mean, I love to learn new stuff but now I want to focus on my career and maybe, in the future, follow studies in areas that I really, really love (literature, fashion, arts).
  2. As I have already mentioned in my blog, my life is finally changing and it seems it is for the best. So, I am moving from a small city (village) in Portugal to the big and amazing city of London by the end of this week. This is scary but, at the same time, it is something I was thinking about for a few months now. I got an internship and I hope it can open some doors for my career.

So, as you may imagine, my mind has been racing with all the things I need to prepare for my big move. But today, Sunday, I wanted to relax for a bit, so I decided to post my new acquisition: this vintage watch, which is older than me (it probably has 25 years old) and it was abandoned inside a drawer in my mom’s bedroom. I thought it was a nice and unique. It gives you a statement, without being cheesy. It wasn’t working, but we get it arranged in a watch-house and now it seems brand new!

Do you like it? Are you also big fans of vintage pieces like this one?

With love,



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