Saturday Inspiration: Elie Saab RTW

If there is one thing I love in all Paris Fashion Weeks is the presence of the glorious Elie Saab. I have a huge crush on his work since I got to know it in Gossip Girl (do you remember Blair’s wedding dress?!). When I went to Paris earlier this year, I went to Champs Elysees only to get to see a glance of Elie Saab’s store. I just stand there, in the rain, observing his beautiful creations that were glancing through the windows.

Today was the day for Elie Saab’s show, and I must say his creations are absolutely gorgeous. Is like if he can read my mind, guessing what a woman wants to wear, how she wants to feel, how we all want to express. And the elegance of the clothes is absolutely stunning.

I chose my favorite of Paris Fashion Week RTW Spring 2016. I love the red dresses and specially the floral pattern chosen in some pieces. One may think that it is too mainstream, but elegance can also be mainstream, donโ€™t you think? The black garments are also beautiful. I do really love black as a color in my daily looks, even if we are in spring/summer time.ย  And of course, the brand mark of Elie Saab, the lace, is always present ๐Ÿ™‚

With love,



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