OH MY! – a feeling reflected in fashion

IMG_20150921_163414IMG_1997 IMG_2004

“Oh my!” is an exquisite expression. It reminds me of pop art and pop culture of which I am very fond of. There are many fashion pieces inspired in pop art, but due to their colourful essence, I am not usually a buyer regardless of loving them. Usually I prefer neutral colors in my daily outfits. However, at the beginning of this Summer, ZARA had this t-shirt on sale, and I fell for it. It is pop but not too much. And I love stripes.

So today I put this t-shirt on feeling that it was matching my current feelings:

  • OH MY! I discovered today my cat has fleas. The issue is already being solved.
  • OH MY! Tomorrow I am having this job interview, for a placement that I really want.
  • OH MY! Somehow today I reached an incredible record of page views on my blog, which is quite awesome!

Hope you enjoy the t-shirt! The jeggings are also from ZARA, from last year collection.

With love,



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