H&M New Beauty Department


I believe we all know by now that H&M has an entirely new beauty department in their stores (if you didn’t, I am glad you know now). The first time I saw it I was amazed. So many products and so many choices… I am usually not very good with beauty stuff, in the sense that my knowledge on makeup is quite limited. I usually put on some dark shades in my eyes and red lipstick in my lips and that is all.

However, the inner girly girl inside my soul was amazed with the department, with wide open eyes fixed in those shelves full of beauty products. Very well organized, with little mirrors everywhere, where you can try and clean the mess we made in our hands. It is just the cutest corner in the store and H&M deserves to be congratulated by it.

This week I couldn’t resist trying their new products. So I bought grey eyeliner and a dark red lipstick that make my lips look like velvet and it is very hard to disappear, which is awesome. Next time I’ll try the nail polish. They have so many colors; I think I’ll spend too much time choosing!

With love,



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