What inspired me in New York RTW Spring 2016

When faced with Fashion Weeks I am always excited to be inspired by new creations from my favourtie designers. Also, I had a feeling of sadness because I WANTED TO BE IN THERE TOO 😀

I made a hard effort to select some of my favourite designers and to show you a sample of the creations I liked the most.

Vera Wang

The amazing designer presents us with her typical simplicity full of sophistication. She grants us with a darker Spring idea, with black as the main color (which I adore) and sparkling and furry details. I love absolutely everything about her collection. It is the perfect definition of edgy.

Oscar de la Renta

The collection designed by Peter Copping is absolutely gorgeous. It gives you the feeling of dangerous liaisons in my opinion. I love how the red and the black are used to represent dresses that I imagine would be worn by strong, powerful and kid of bitchy women. And then, in this collection, there is also the innocent blue in dresses that I imagine could be worn by naïve girls, the good and nice princesses from fairytales.

Diane Von Furstberg

A colorful and cosmopolitan chic collection. The creations smell like Spring, they are inviting us to moments of joy with friends, to spend warm afternoons in terraces taking your ice tea.  I felt a Sicilian or even Hispanic essence in the collection, that reflect energetic and sensual vibes.

Michael Kors Collection

What I really admire in this collection is the introduction of swimsuits where they weren’t expected and how they somehow recall women’s fierce. Also, the relaxed sensation that you get when looking to the dresses. They all seem so light and so comfortable to wear any time of the day! Love it.


I am in love with this collection. I have a tendency to admire the dream factor in a collection, and in Rodarte’s I found the perfect mix between gothic and fantasy, between cute and hard rock. The pieces reminded me of a circus environment, in a good way. They also recalled in my mind a book I read last year – The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern. There is a magic aura in this collection and it put a spell on me.

Carolina Herrera

For Herrera, Spring 2016 is Pink, a beautiful kind of one. The collection has a sweet aesthetic, quite eloquent, with some pieces that communicate optical illusions, making the women’s body seem even more elegant. When browsing through the collection, I was thinking “this is pure Art in movement”. As always, Carolina Herrera didn’t disappoint me.

Tadashi Shoji

The collection of the Japanese designer wasn’t exactly groundbreaking. “Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking”, said the character of Meryl Streep in The Devil wears Prada. Especially if the flowers are inspired in the Japanese nature during the Spring. However, I am a great enthusiast of the maxim that an artist should stand up for what he believes in. If that’s what inspired him, why not? I must say I LOVE this collection. It is my style, similar with Ellie Saab’s (one of my favorite designers). The dresses are absolutely beautiful, they transport you to easiness, to tranquility and they have an elegance that is yet highlighted by the fluidity of the fabrics. Those models looked like fairies in the runway. And I loved it.

Jason Wu

What I liked more in Jason Wu collection was the versatility in his pieces. He was able to show us how you do cosmopolitan for the Spring. High-waist shorts and skirts and then he was also able to introduce the fantasy factor with beautiful dresses.

Well, and that’s it! I couldn’t post here all the shows I like, only the ones that really catched my eye. What were yoru favourites during this week? 🙂

With love,


Source: Vogue


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