A Day of Fashion Goodies

IMG_1901Today was shopping day! I just went for a walk in the city and couldn’t resist to this high-waisted jeans from Mango and a little black shirt from ZARA. I enjoy to mix high-waist with cropped shirts (I try not to show my belly button, I think it gives a cheap look). And, of course, I had to by the new issue of VOGUE.

Since the weather is still warm, and I was going for a walk, I decided to wear this shorts from ZARA. They are high-waisted and classic, and I will definitely use them in the Winter (the fabric is warm). The shirt was my mom’s and I like to use it from time to time. As I said before, I like to recycle clothes. When my mom comes to my room saying “Oh, see if you like this…” or “see if this fits you” I am always filled with joy 🙂

The shoes are from Primark. I really liked them, they are unusual, remind me of the shoes I worn when I was a child (in the 90’s). And finally, jewelry. I really like simple things as accessories. Sometimes I may put on a statement necklace or bracelet, but for the daily life I like to keep it clean. However, you may notice this bracelet belongs to the statement category. I do love it. It is from Parfois, I bought it on sale this Summer. The ring is from the same brand and finally the necklace is silver and I fell in love when I saw it.

1-IMG_1924  3-IMG_1904

2-IMG_19304-IMG_1909 5-IMG_1927


Nicole I.


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