The Relaxing Mix

Denim shirt: Springfield (old) Crop Top: H&M Skirt: ZARA Converse sneakers

IMG_1875IMG_1887 IMG_1880

These days I have been home. After spending too much time in a job a didn’t like, that was depressing me every single day, I decided it was time to stop, and I didn’t renew my contract after one year and half working. Now I am looking for a new job, with which I can really grow professional and learn. But I live by one rule: to stop is to die. So, I decided that during this time (I am also preparing the presentation of my Master dissertation), I will learn new things and to start this personal blog, sharing my passion for fashion with you. The problem is I don’t always have someone to take me photos and I had to improvise a little for these first ones.

I wore this look to go have a coffee with my ex-colleagues from the previous job. I wasn’t in the mood for fancy, so I put on my white (not so white anymore) converse and decided to do a risky move – to mix different patterns. I bought this skirt on sale at ZARA. I fall in love with the baroque pattern and the most interesting thing is that both the fabric and the pattern are great for spring/summer and fall/winter seasons!

The crop top was bought in H&M on sale too. I like stripes, and I like black and white. The weather is still warm here in Portugal, during the day. However, in the evenings it gets a bit chilly so I put on the denim shirt from Springfield (it was my mom’s so it is a bit big for me. However, I love to recycle clothes).

I know it is a risky look; but isn’t that what makes fashion so fun and challenging? 😉


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