The Bunny – Sunday Mood

Ballerinas: PARFOIS
Jumpsuit: NAF NAF

I really wanted to start a blog like this one for a really long time. However, I have this little problem… not always I have someone who can take me the photos. Today, my younger sister wasn’t home; I didn’t want to ask my parents… so I decided to see what I can do. I was all dressed up, why should I waste this opportunity to post a look in my new blog? SO I am sorry for the mirror shoots and the part of my closet that you can see…

I love this jumpsuit, it is from NAF NAF and it really gives that French look. Also, I have a new haircut – completely different from any other that I have had. I think it gives me a more sophisticated look, a bit French maybe, and I still do not regret of having cut more than half of my hair (it will go for donation, btw). The shoes are form Parfois, a Portuguese brand that has the most amazing prices when in sales (they only cost me 6 euros).

And the final detail: the ring, from Blanco. It only cost me 1 euro on sales. I mean, isn’t it the sweetest thing? I do appreciate to keep a look simple. However, I also love eccentric details and I do love this bunny ring.

Hope you like it too 😀


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