Saturday Inspiration

Coco Chanel

There are so many different definitions of fashion. This one includes a quite wide range of things. Because it embraces so many feelings and sensations, because I deeply believe that fashion isn’t only about clothes, or consumption addictiveness, for superfluous and superficial human beings…fashion is much more than that. It influences your life even you are not into the current fashion trends. Even if you don’t know who is Gaultier, or Chanel, or even if the fashion weeks are only events of which you heard about sometimes… Fashion is also in your life. Those ripped jeans that you have worn for so many times now, they were thought by great masters in fashion industry. That ocean blue in that shirt too. The furniture in your house, the design of your car, the shape of that bag… everything was created by someone, influenced by some kind of idea or artistic trend. And that’s the best thing about fashion, because it reflects ideas, it shows to others who you are or who you want to be, even if you don’t care about fashion at all.

Do you agree with this definition? It is the perfect inspiration for a Saturday afternoon 🙂


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