H&M Close the Loop

H&M is a well-known socially-conscious brand for its strong environmental policies, regarding sustainability as something that is needed and also that is fashionable.  For some time now, H&M has been collecting old clothes from its stores, clothes that we don’t use anymore, that are old or that we just don’t like anymore. Instead of taking old pieces of clothing to the common trash, thanks to H&M, customers were now able to leave them where they could be recycled and reused.

This is a very interesting campaign, don’t you think? I have a strong interest for brands’ social responsibility strategies (my Master’s dissertation was on this theme) and I admire H&M not only for the amazing clothes it offers to us (at quite reasonable prices) but also for the policies they take towards environmental concerns (Conscious collection).

So I was happy when I received today a newsletter on Denim Re-born campaign – jeans that were made of recycled fibers that are now in stores! So now you can buy amazing jeans and at the same time contribute to a better world!

Just recycle your clothes!

Give a look at the promotional video:


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