Sabrina Fashion Inspiration

audrey-sabrina-1954-1 loffit_edith-head-y-seis-vestidos-de-cine_01

I have a soft spot for old Hollywood movies. They are charming and classic. This weekend I saw Sabrina (1954), a movie about the daughter of a chauffeur who has spent her whole life in love with the younger son of her father’s rich boss. It is an old cliché. However, the character of Sabrina is interpreted by Audrey Hepburn and I couldn’t close my eyes to her natural elegance and sense of style. The two photos above are the looks that I liked the most in the movie. The first one represents a classic whole black look. It is simple and sophisticated and I love the triangle shape in the back. And the second is a beautiful gown, that makes Sabrina looks like a true Hamptons princess in the movie 😀

What do you think? Are you also inspired by these movies?


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