The one I couldn’t resist to

Pimkie Bikini
Hat: Primark Sunglasses: ZARA

You know when you are browsing the sales section in a store, hoping to find that one piece that is an exquisite buy, such a beautiful thing, with such low price… well, that is basically the story behind this bikini. I was at Pimkie, browsing the last summer sales, where there were some bikini parts. I didn’t really need a new one, but then I saw this set and I was absolutely in love. I noticed that there wasn’t the sales tag. However, since it was in the same pile, I just thought they have forgotten to put it. “Let’s try it on”, I thought, secretly hoping that it wouldn’t fit. But it DID! And I loved it… so I asked the store assistant for the price. “Is it on sale?”, and she answered me with a cold smile “NO”.

That “no” wasn’t enough to stop me. I just fell in love with the bikini and you just can’t say no to love, am I right? 😉

It is cute, I love the colors and it is extremely comfortable for a day at the beach. When I spend hours in the sun, I like to bring with me a book, magazines and my music. As a fashio lover I couldn’t forget the Portuguese Vogue September issue. However, as the inner nerd that I am, I also had my copy of Game of Thrones saga to transport me to other reigns 🙂


2 thoughts on “The one I couldn’t resist to

  1. Love you blog, super creative and you have great style by the way! You should definitely check out my fashion/life blog too! I do a lot of different post and I think you’d life them 🙂


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