Dreamland, Margate: Childhood Fears vs Adult Throwbacks

Dreamland Margate

Life is a roller coaster, come on in, and join the ride!

We hear this so many times in life. Such a cheesy saying, don’t you agree? It’s like “follow your dream!”, ” don’t stop believing”, and etc., etc. They are cheesy incredible cliches, but who doesn’t like to hear them once in a while and doesn’t get that small sparkle of hope in the darkest times?

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A relaxing time in Benidorm, Spain


I have mentioned before that I live thorn between land and sea. I grew up relatively near the ocean, and Summer always meant endless time at the beach: as a child building castles and running in the sand, jumping around in salty puddles and jumping amongst small waves when the ocean allowed it; as a teenager making sure I was getting the best tan, but also investing in some sort of amateur bodyboarding because it looked cool; and finally, as an adult, both sunbathing, diving and swimming in the ocean when it allowed and having great walks until sunset.

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Lights, at Tate Britain


When everything goes wrong, one needs to find a way of crawling back from darkness before all light runs out. Before falling into madness, or surely just give up on life, on believing. I tend to say sometimes the devil comes back. These little demons inside our heads… who doesn’t have them? Who are the lucky ones with no little demons inhabiting their brain cells?

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A quick date with Pisa, Italy

Arno’s Riverside in Pisa

Hello my fellow bloggers!

A month ago I was preparing my first trip to Italy, more exactly Florence, as you have probably read on my blog. Low cost flights from London land on Pisa, and that was exactly what I did. It is really easy to get to Florence from Pisa. You can take a bus or the train. I took the train – there’s is a shuttle that will take you from the airport to the train station in a matter of minutes – called PisaMover – and the train to Florence takes only about 45 minutes!

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Brighton, the escape I needed to the seaside

Brighton Pier

Bank holiday weekend in England is not to be missed. We were all expecting it and unfortunately is has come to an end… next one only in August. But let’s not despair, most of us still have some nice holidays before that 🙂 At least, I do!

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The Art of Florence – the details

Florence is where all the big masters were at some point, creating some of the most disrupting pieces that would mark an Era and change the paradigms of a world once emerged in darkness. For me, stepping on the grounds where the great master had once been was surreal. As I mentioned on my previous Florence post, I traveled in time, I smelled the wet and dirty medieval streets, and imagined I was living at the same time as Lorenzo de Medici, Il Magnifico, the great patron of Arts.

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Yes, it is time to dream about the beach

Paredes da Vitória Beach, Portugal

Am I the only one dreaming with Summer holidays? Being originally from Portugal, I  was lucky enough to grow up by the seaside. In those happy sunny days, Summer only meant a single thing: the beach. This is exactly what I miss the most in London. I am a spoiled Summer child, what can I say?

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Firenze, where Renaissance was born

Florence Panoramic
Panoramic view of Florence form Piazzale Michelangelo

Every time I come back home from any trip, especially when that trip went really well and I’ve absolutely loved it, I find myself emerged in this kind of lethargy. I just sit down, scrolling through my photographs, reviving these moments I just lived. I think about what I have seen and experienced, and even though I only arrived a few days ago, it always looks like a dream. Like a parallel reality, or something that has happened light years ago.

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